Patio20 Bourbon

Limited Production - First Release October 2020



Named in recognition of all those hard working sons of Yolo County who grow, harvest and distill from farm to glass. Yolo Brothers Bourbon™ is a Super-Premium Kentucky-style California craft Bourbon Whiskey produced in small batches by hand.

We start with a mash of local-sourced yellow corn, rye, wheat and barley. The resulting spirit is double-distilled and carefully-aged in charred new American oak barrels until ready for filtering and bottling. Yolo Brothers Bourbon™ is deep amber-colored with a nose reminiscent of bright soft oak, vanilla and sweet grains.  It starts soft and round with mild tannins and a pleasant alcohol tingle, and builds then slowly fades with a long sweet finish of candy corn, caramel, rye spice and toasted wood.  We like it on the rocks with a splash of water.