Important Information Regarding our Hand Sanitizer

Upon inspection from the California Health Department on October 1st, Patio29 Spirits Co. was informed that our hand sanitizer was missing a proper denaturing ingredient, and therefor did not meet state and FDA standards. We feel obligated to share this information with you and inform you on what this means for our hand sanitizer.

I’ve purchased and used your hand sanitizer. Is it safe to use, and does it even work?

Yes and yes. The purpose of the denaturing ingredient is to prevent a highly-alcoholic product from being drinkable. The lack of this ingredient does not make our hand sanitizer any less effective. At 80% alcohol by volume, any germs on your hands won’t stand a chance.

Wait, so does this mean your hand sanitizer is drinkable?

NO. Absolutely not. There are chemicals used in our hand sanitizer that should never be consumed. Glycol and hydrogen peroxide to name a couple. Hand sanitizer is for the hands only. If you’re looking for alcohol to drink, we do carry that as well.

What now?

All hand sanitizer purchased after 10/1 is up to code, and contains the proper ingredients approved by the state and FDA.

Are you still making hand sanitizer?

As of November 12, Patio29 Spirits Co. will no longer be producing or selling hand sanitizer products. Our focus is now back to our passion, which is spirits. We thank you for your support!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

Thanks, and stay safe,

Patio29 Spirits Co.

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