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Distilled Spirit Product-Quality Categories
There are four spirit quality categories: Value, Premium, Super-Premium and Ultra-Premium.
Patio29 Spirits Company product selections will focus on the Premium and Super-Premium categories. The Ultra- Premium category is typically reserved for long-term barrel-aged products: primarily single-malt Scotch Whiskeys and Cognacs.

We won’t bottle what we won’t drink!
And we won’t drink anything other than the good stuff.
Patio29 is a true artisan craft distillery. Being small we can experiment. We can try new recipes and new aging techniques to come up with exciting new flavor profiles. We can derive interesting and tasty new expressions of familiar products. For example, we will make bourbon from local-grown heirloom grains.
But we won’t stop with a winning product… we will strive to make it better over time.

Quality in the glass
People have different palates. Love of certain foods and drink can develop over time with experience; however, we all like what we like. Patio29 Spirits Company respects the opinion of consumers of our products. We listen, but we have thick skin. We realize that we won’t please everyone with the types and styles of products we produce. However, every drop produced will be done so with an obsession for quality.

This starts with our raw materials
They will be primarily from local sources where we can visit the fields and touch and taste the crops as they are being grown. We will work with only the best wineries for our fruit brandy products. We will source only the best organic fruits. Some of gin botanical and cinnamon product ingredients will be imported, but only from the most reliable local distributors that can insure the utmost consistent quality.

Water is also important
Yolo County has plentiful high-quality water. However, we will use a sophisticated water filtration system to ensure the purest and cleanest water goes into our spirit products.


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