P29 Buckeye Straight Rye Whiskey 8-2023


Straight Rye Whiskey

The people of Buckeye pulled up and moved down the road from Winters when the railroad came. The name Buckeye Straight Rye Whiskey™ pays homage to these early settlers of the Yolo County region.

Rye is a difficult grain to work with. It must be ground to a flour consistency and then handled carefully to prevent clogging the machinery of the still. Oh, but it is worth the trouble!

Buckeye Straight Rye Whiskey™ is double-distilled from a mash bill blend of primarily rye with barley and local sourced corn. The new-make spirit is aged in new American oak barrels before it is proofed, filtered and bottled.

The result is a deep amber-brown whiskey with medium viscosity.  It's nose is like preparing to eat a caramel toffee candy while baking rye bread.  It has a lightly creamy mouthfeel with a bright and sweet peppery bight of clove surrounded by soft oak.  The finish explodes with buttery toasted vanilla, spicy-sweet rye grass, and lingers long with sweet-corn.  This is a fantastic super-premium sipping rye.  But it also rocks your favorite rye whiskey cocktail.